Why You Should Improve Your Vocabulary

Aside from learning grammar, it is also important to expand one’s vocabulary. Not knowing the meaning of the words that someone says can be truly embarrassing. There are also more undesirable consequences of not developing vocabulary. For instance, when you are on a job interview and you don’t know the meaning of the words that the interviewer uses, how can you respond to the questions? This is why I believe that everyone should strive to improve their vocabulary even after graduating from school.  There are apps that are designed to help people improve their vocabulary knowledge and skills. These apps can be really helpful especially to individuals who are fond of using their phones or tablets everyday. Knowledge would be easy, fast and very accessible through the use of these apps. By the way, I recently came across an article here that discusses the importance of improving one’s vocabulary. Well, as I probably have mentioned already, the importance of vocabulary should not be overlooked. This article here provides the reasons why people should spend time and effort in improving their vocabulary skills. I hope this helps!

Why You Should Improve Your Vocabulary | Positively Smitten Magazine

http://positively-smitten.com/2014/10/16/why-you-should-improve-your-vocabulary/When I discovered that today, October 16, is “National Dictionary Day”, I thought I’d take two minutes to totally geek out and share why I’m a proponent of improving your vocabulary every day.

What is National Dictionary Day? It honors Noah Webster, considered the Father of the American Dictionary, and strives to bring awareness to the importance of developing vocabulary. (Fun fact: Webster began writing his dictionary at the age of 43 and it took him 27 years to finish it!)

I admit I’m smitten with this pseudo-holiday. Not only is my town (West Brookfield, Massachusetts) home to Charles Merriam, who is famous for publishing the first Webster’s Dictionary, but I love learning new words, trying to use them in my life, and feeling wicked smart when I recognize them in a sentence. Via positively-smitten.com

Learning more words and their meaning can be quite a lot of fun, although many people do not seem to realize this. Teachers such as those who teach students who are preparing for IELTS usually make sure that their vocabulary knowledge and skills are impressive. I know one highly competitive IELTS tutor that you can check out on, and you can find him here in this website http://theieltsschool.com.  I’ll be posting more articles and reading materials here in the coming days, so I hope you keep on visiting my website.

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