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I have nephews and nieces who are college students, and I know that they use a wide variety of apps. They even introduced to me some fun and gaming apps. There are also those who asked me about the best study apps for them. Fortunately, I have this article here that discusses the study apps for college students. I provided them this article and they thought this is very helpful. They downloaded some of the apps mentioned in this post and told me that they are truly helpful. This is why I realized that it would be great to share it here with you. I’ve always believed that using what technology has to offer in a good way can produce best results. For instance, if students use educational apps instead of those that are designed for games, they would be able to learn well. There are quite a number of apps available nowadays, and it’s amazing how most of them are designed to be easy and fun to use. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

Top 15 Study Apps for College Students | College Choice know. You’re a college student, or soon to be. You’re on a budget but you need study tools to help you get through your courses.

Well some of the best things in life are free, and that includes study apps. While some people might say that your brain is the only study tool you really need, it doesn’t hurt to have some free software to help out. So we’ve put together a list of apps that can help with studies. This list is primarily for Apple iOS apps, though several entries have links for Android, Web, or desktop (Mac OS X, Windows, sometimes Linux). All of them are free, though some might have IAP (in-app purchase) options for advanced features (or sometimes just for getting rid of annoying ads). Occasionally, alternatives are listed, especially when an app is only on iOS. Via

I’ll be posting some more interesting reading materials here in the coming weeks. I’ve recently been conducting a research about the study habits and methods of students. I hope you continue to visit my websites especially this one because I have many articles to show you.

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