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English Grammar Tests for ESL Students

Today, I decided to feature an article that talks about the English grammar tests for ESL students. This page features some grammar quizzes that come in three levels namely the beginner, intermediate and advanced. It also covers several topics such as phrasal verbs, prepositions, articles and noun clauses. You only need to click the links to get to the quizzes. I really find pages like this very helpful because they make learning easy and very accessible. I also found a wide variety of educational tools online that are also helpful to individuals who are improving their grammar skills. Grammar is very easy to learn especially when students or test takers dedicate their time and energy on learning and practicing. Grammar is important whether a person tries to listen, read, speak or write using the English language. Anyway, check this article out:

English Grammar Tests for ESL Students – English Grammar Practice Quizzes of these quizzes focus on topics that ESL students often find difficult to understand.

The quizzes come in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The topics covered include verb tenses, phrasal verbs, articles, prepositions, noun clauses, and much more.

Start practicing English right now!

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If you’re looking for exercises for beginners, try our English For Beginners series.

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If you happen to be searching for more reading materials about grammar and vocabulary, please don’t hesitate to visit this website again. You may also visit this website if you are preparing for the IELTS test. I will be posting more useful articles here in the coming days or weeks.

Online Resources for English Lessons

Knowledge nowadays can easily be obtained. People can learn about many things in just a matter of clicks. There are English language books and there are also reading materials available online.Test takers who want to pass IELTS can also take advantage of the online resources available, check this out:

Conversational English lessons | OTUK – Study English online with British English teachers, there are over 1 billion people studying English as a second language worldwide, but only a small fraction of these learners will ever achieve good spoken fluency. Traditional models in education tend to ignore the importance of conversational English lessons while placing greater emphasis on theory, translation and grammar. In contrast, taking English speaking lessons online with a native English teacher ensures regular one-to-one speech practice, which is key to achieving conversational fluency.

Those seeking to learn conversational English need one thing above all else – regular speech practice with a native English teacher. Unfortunately, local opportunities to interact with native English speakers are often extremely limited or even non-existent. This means that ESL learners are faced with a wall of silence. A common complaint from students who have studied English at school and university is that they know English in theory but not in practice. In other words, they can read, write and translate but cannot speak. This underlines the importance of conversational English lessons. Via

I find this article very entertaining. It is indeed true that many English lessons can easily be found online. This might interest you, have a look:

Learning and Teaching English in the Online Age | upon a time if you wanted to learn a new language, you had to enroll in a foreign language class at school, college or university. But these days, thanks to the burgeoning internet, it has never been easier to learn another language, especially a widely spoken one, like English. The Internet has also been extremely helpful, not just for those that want to learn English, but for those want to learn how to teach it and need to gain a specialist qualification, such as a Master of Arts in teaching English.

For those that want to learn English, a home computer with an internet connection has made learning the language so much easier, thanks to the advent of a number of specialist websites and courses dedicated to teaching internet users new languages over a period of time. These courses vary in price and quality, depending on the level that you want to speak.

Handheld devices, such as a tablet, or even a cell phone are also very useful for teaching and learning English online. The compact sizes and easy to use features mean that you can carry your very own tutor in your pocket! Via

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