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Worst Study Habits To Avoid

Have you ever wondered why there are times when you spend so much of your time and energy studying for your IELTS exam, and still you feel like you are still not making some progress? Well, it is probably because you are practicing some worst study habits. There are actually study habits that you should stop doing as they can significantly hinder you from achieving your goals. Most of these habits are minor and are not easily identified by many people. So now, check out what these habits are and how you can avoid them.

10 worst study habits to avoid ACCA Student Blog

The interesting thing about life lessons is that you don’t learn them until after the event.So if you’ve been knocked down after a not so great result, it’s time to dust yourself down and move on.

Here are 10 of the worst study habits to avoid to help you prepare for your next exams:

  1. Having your mobile phone on
    Study time is meant for just that. Make it clear to your loved ones that for these few hours, unless the house is on fire, you should not be bothered. A mobile phone is a terrible distraction. Switch it off!
  1. Environment
    I once had a lady in my class who could put on her headphones, crank up the music and study. She passed all her exams. BUT I have a feeling that she is in the minority. Make sure your study environment is without distractions, quiet, and that the climate is just right. Via

Here is another article that also discussed the studying habits to avoid. I thought this would be a great addition here since it also provides some useful tips. Please have a look:

4 bad studying habits to avoid |

You have a test in a couple of days and don’t know what to do? Prepare well and ensure you keep in mind these 4 bad studying habits to avoid completely. Just taking out time to study does not always mean you are all set for your upcoming examinations or tests. Unless you have enough information at hand or maybe a a really good understanding of the matter in question, it just cannot be termed as “studied” per say. If you are preparing for an examination, here are a few bad studying habits which you must avoid all together.

1. Study with no structure – All the topics which have to be covered by you needs to have some kind of  definite structure to it. You need to take some time out to understand how the material in front of you was initially presented to you. Via

I hope you find this post helpful. I am planning to share more reading materials here that can help you build strong studying habits. I will be posting them here soon so please don’t forget to keep yourself updated!

Techniques In Improving One’s Listening Skills


English is a very powerful language, and it is not a surprise that everyone wants to learn how to use it. In order to speak English well, you need to first learn how to listen (you can check out some tools that could help you). Without knowing how to listen, you will never understand what native speakers say. Bear in mind that native English speakers utter words differently from what we usually learn inside a classroom or from books. This is why you need to understand the importance of listening well first to learn how native speakers really speak in a natural way.

You need to remember that native speakers use various words such as “hmmm” or “uh” that they do not typically use in writing. They also use slang, and skip the word “that” when it involves relative clauses. Another thing to remember is that native speakers of English pronounce words differently, and they usually use what is known as “connected speech”. Pronunciation is very particularly taught inside the classroom. However, if you try to carefully listen to native speakers in movies, you will here them talk like they are connecting every word in a sentence. Of course, you are not required to master connected speech, you just need to practice a level of English language knowledge that is enough to help you understand what a native speaker is trying to say. Once you learn how to listen well, you will be able to respond in English.

Listen to English a lot, and nowadays there are many tools available for you to choose from online. You may watch videos, listen to audios, and utilize the educational tools in the internet that are designed to help people improve their listening skills. You may also hang out with individuals who speak English to make learning fun.

There are ways to improve the quality of how you practice your listening skills, and one is to resort to interactive listening. You can do this by simply listening to a recorded radio program, podcast, or TV show. This allows you to listen and think how you can respond. Make sure that you don’t listen to the same kind of English at all times. Use movies that have English subtitles. There are many great movies that you can watch, and make your listening experience fun. Some of my friends who are not native English speakers asked me for some recommendations about the best movies to watch. I’ve recommended some of my favorites, and they indeed had fun improving ethir listening skills through the movies.

Listening is a very important skill to develop or improve. This is why it is extremely important for learners to do all the measures needed for them to embrace the English language with all their hearts. Explore the tools available and make your learning fun as it will help you stay motivated in reaching your goals.

Why You Should Improve Your Vocabulary

Aside from learning grammar, it is also important to expand one’s vocabulary. Not knowing the meaning of the words that someone says can be truly embarrassing. There are also more undesirable consequences of not developing vocabulary. For instance, when you are on a job interview and you don’t know the meaning of the words that the interviewer uses, how can you respond to the questions? This is why I believe that everyone should strive to improve their vocabulary even after graduating from school.  There are apps that are designed to help people improve their vocabulary knowledge and skills. These apps can be really helpful especially to individuals who are fond of using their phones or tablets everyday. Knowledge would be easy, fast and very accessible through the use of these apps. By the way, I recently came across an article here that discusses the importance of improving one’s vocabulary. Well, as I probably have mentioned already, the importance of vocabulary should not be overlooked. This article here provides the reasons why people should spend time and effort in improving their vocabulary skills. I hope this helps!

Why You Should Improve Your Vocabulary | Positively Smitten Magazine I discovered that today, October 16, is “National Dictionary Day”, I thought I’d take two minutes to totally geek out and share why I’m a proponent of improving your vocabulary every day.

What is National Dictionary Day? It honors Noah Webster, considered the Father of the American Dictionary, and strives to bring awareness to the importance of developing vocabulary. (Fun fact: Webster began writing his dictionary at the age of 43 and it took him 27 years to finish it!)

I admit I’m smitten with this pseudo-holiday. Not only is my town (West Brookfield, Massachusetts) home to Charles Merriam, who is famous for publishing the first Webster’s Dictionary, but I love learning new words, trying to use them in my life, and feeling wicked smart when I recognize them in a sentence. Via

Learning more words and their meaning can be quite a lot of fun, although many people do not seem to realize this. Teachers such as those who teach students who are preparing for IELTS usually make sure that their vocabulary knowledge and skills are impressive. I know one highly competitive IELTS tutor that you can check out on, and you can find him here in this website  I’ll be posting more articles and reading materials here in the coming days, so I hope you keep on visiting my website.

Study Apps for College Students

I have nephews and nieces who are college students, and I know that they use a wide variety of apps. They even introduced to me some fun and gaming apps. There are also those who asked me about the best study apps for them. Fortunately, I have this article here that discusses the study apps for college students. I provided them this article and they thought this is very helpful. They downloaded some of the apps mentioned in this post and told me that they are truly helpful. This is why I realized that it would be great to share it here with you. I’ve always believed that using what technology has to offer in a good way can produce best results. For instance, if students use educational apps instead of those that are designed for games, they would be able to learn well. There are quite a number of apps available nowadays, and it’s amazing how most of them are designed to be easy and fun to use. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

Top 15 Study Apps for College Students | College Choice know. You’re a college student, or soon to be. You’re on a budget but you need study tools to help you get through your courses.

Well some of the best things in life are free, and that includes study apps. While some people might say that your brain is the only study tool you really need, it doesn’t hurt to have some free software to help out. So we’ve put together a list of apps that can help with studies. This list is primarily for Apple iOS apps, though several entries have links for Android, Web, or desktop (Mac OS X, Windows, sometimes Linux). All of them are free, though some might have IAP (in-app purchase) options for advanced features (or sometimes just for getting rid of annoying ads). Occasionally, alternatives are listed, especially when an app is only on iOS. Via

I’ll be posting some more interesting reading materials here in the coming weeks. I’ve recently been conducting a research about the study habits and methods of students. I hope you continue to visit my websites especially this one because I have many articles to show you.

Understanding Grammar and Other English Lessons

This article is an example of the best resources available to improve one’s knowledge about grammar and other English lessons. It has different sections that contain varying English lessons. Check it out:

Learn English with this understanding English lesson – Be On the Same Page Super to Listen

Have you ever felt like you’re the only person in the room who doesn’t understand what’s going on? It could be that you’re talking with people in a second language and your skills aren’t strong enough. Or you could be discussing a subject that you have no experience with, like computer science or farming or poetry. In those situations, you want to be on the same page as everyone else, but it’s just not happening. There are times when being on the same page as everyone else is extremely important. Do you have an exam tomorrow? If you’re on the same page as your teacher, you’ll know what to study. Are you at the end of a first date with a girl and you don’t want to see her again? Hopefully she’s on the same page as you, and you can shake hands and say good night as friends. Sultan wants to be on the same page as everyone else. Where is he? Learn more in today’s English lesson about understanding each other. Learn English with this understanding English lesson – Be On the Same Page

These are rules about grammar and the mistakes that people are quick to correct. I find this interesting and those who are trying to improve their grammar skills can make a good use out of this article too.

Ten Grammar you’re one of those people who goes around correcting the grammar, spelling and word usage of others, take heed: you may want to double-check those “hard and fast” rules. Author Lauren Davis wrote an article for i09 in which she discusses ten often corrected “mistakes” that are subjective at worst. Let’s take ending a sentence with a preposition, for example. Davis has this to say about that grammatical situation,

Here you have it: an apocryphal graphic quotation at top and some schooling underneath. Read the rest of Davis’ article here. -Via i09 | Image: Lifehack Quotes

Let’s take ending a sentence with a preposition, for example.

Davis has this to say about that grammatical situation,”There’s a cheeky sentence on the matter that is frequently (and apocryphally) attributed to Winston Churchill: “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.” Via

I hope this helps! There are more posts coming, please send me a message if you want me to share some topics.