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Worst Study Habits To Avoid

Have you ever wondered why there are times when you spend so much of your time and energy studying for your IELTS exam, and still you feel like you are still not making some progress? Well, it is probably because you are practicing some worst study habits. There are actually study habits that you should stop doing as they can significantly hinder you from achieving your goals. Most of these habits are minor and are not easily identified by many people. So now, check out what these habits are and how you can avoid them.

10 worst study habits to avoid ACCA Student Blog

The interesting thing about life lessons is that you don’t learn them until after the event.So if you’ve been knocked down after a not so great result, it’s time to dust yourself down and move on.

Here are 10 of the worst study habits to avoid to help you prepare for your next exams:

  1. Having your mobile phone on
    Study time is meant for just that. Make it clear to your loved ones that for these few hours, unless the house is on fire, you should not be bothered. A mobile phone is a terrible distraction. Switch it off!
  1. Environment
    I once had a lady in my class who could put on her headphones, crank up the music and study. She passed all her exams. BUT I have a feeling that she is in the minority. Make sure your study environment is without distractions, quiet, and that the climate is just right. Via

Here is another article that also discussed the studying habits to avoid. I thought this would be a great addition here since it also provides some useful tips. Please have a look:

4 bad studying habits to avoid |

You have a test in a couple of days and don’t know what to do? Prepare well and ensure you keep in mind these 4 bad studying habits to avoid completely. Just taking out time to study does not always mean you are all set for your upcoming examinations or tests. Unless you have enough information at hand or maybe a a really good understanding of the matter in question, it just cannot be termed as “studied” per say. If you are preparing for an examination, here are a few bad studying habits which you must avoid all together.

1. Study with no structure – All the topics which have to be covered by you needs to have some kind of  definite structure to it. You need to take some time out to understand how the material in front of you was initially presented to you. Via

I hope you find this post helpful. I am planning to share more reading materials here that can help you build strong studying habits. I will be posting them here soon so please don’t forget to keep yourself updated!

Techniques In Improving One’s Listening Skills


English is a very powerful language, and it is not a surprise that everyone wants to learn how to use it. In order to speak English well, you need to first learn how to listen (you can check out some tools that could help you). Without knowing how to listen, you will never understand what native speakers say. Bear in mind that native English speakers utter words differently from what we usually learn inside a classroom or from books. This is why you need to understand the importance of listening well first to learn how native speakers really speak in a natural way.

You need to remember that native speakers use various words such as “hmmm” or “uh” that they do not typically use in writing. They also use slang, and skip the word “that” when it involves relative clauses. Another thing to remember is that native speakers of English pronounce words differently, and they usually use what is known as “connected speech”. Pronunciation is very particularly taught inside the classroom. However, if you try to carefully listen to native speakers in movies, you will here them talk like they are connecting every word in a sentence. Of course, you are not required to master connected speech, you just need to practice a level of English language knowledge that is enough to help you understand what a native speaker is trying to say. Once you learn how to listen well, you will be able to respond in English.

Listen to English a lot, and nowadays there are many tools available for you to choose from online. You may watch videos, listen to audios, and utilize the educational tools in the internet that are designed to help people improve their listening skills. You may also hang out with individuals who speak English to make learning fun.

There are ways to improve the quality of how you practice your listening skills, and one is to resort to interactive listening. You can do this by simply listening to a recorded radio program, podcast, or TV show. This allows you to listen and think how you can respond. Make sure that you don’t listen to the same kind of English at all times. Use movies that have English subtitles. There are many great movies that you can watch, and make your listening experience fun. Some of my friends who are not native English speakers asked me for some recommendations about the best movies to watch. I’ve recommended some of my favorites, and they indeed had fun improving ethir listening skills through the movies.

Listening is a very important skill to develop or improve. This is why it is extremely important for learners to do all the measures needed for them to embrace the English language with all their hearts. Explore the tools available and make your learning fun as it will help you stay motivated in reaching your goals.

English Grammar Tests for ESL Students

Today, I decided to feature an article that talks about the English grammar tests for ESL students. This page features some grammar quizzes that come in three levels namely the beginner, intermediate and advanced. It also covers several topics such as phrasal verbs, prepositions, articles and noun clauses. You only need to click the links to get to the quizzes. I really find pages like this very helpful because they make learning easy and very accessible. I also found a wide variety of educational tools online that are also helpful to individuals who are improving their grammar skills. Grammar is very easy to learn especially when students or test takers dedicate their time and energy on learning and practicing. Grammar is important whether a person tries to listen, read, speak or write using the English language. Anyway, check this article out:

English Grammar Tests for ESL Students – English Grammar Practice Quizzes of these quizzes focus on topics that ESL students often find difficult to understand.

The quizzes come in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The topics covered include verb tenses, phrasal verbs, articles, prepositions, noun clauses, and much more.

Start practicing English right now!

Remember to check out our ESL worksheet packages, a great way to download multiple ESL grammar worksheets in one file!

If you’re looking for exercises for beginners, try our English For Beginners series.

Choose your language: Spanish French We care about quality control – if you find any errors, please write us. Via

If you happen to be searching for more reading materials about grammar and vocabulary, please don’t hesitate to visit this website again. You may also visit this website if you are preparing for the IELTS test. I will be posting more useful articles here in the coming days or weeks.

Why You Should Improve Your Vocabulary

Aside from learning grammar, it is also important to expand one’s vocabulary. Not knowing the meaning of the words that someone says can be truly embarrassing. There are also more undesirable consequences of not developing vocabulary. For instance, when you are on a job interview and you don’t know the meaning of the words that the interviewer uses, how can you respond to the questions? This is why I believe that everyone should strive to improve their vocabulary even after graduating from school.  There are apps that are designed to help people improve their vocabulary knowledge and skills. These apps can be really helpful especially to individuals who are fond of using their phones or tablets everyday. Knowledge would be easy, fast and very accessible through the use of these apps. By the way, I recently came across an article here that discusses the importance of improving one’s vocabulary. Well, as I probably have mentioned already, the importance of vocabulary should not be overlooked. This article here provides the reasons why people should spend time and effort in improving their vocabulary skills. I hope this helps!

Why You Should Improve Your Vocabulary | Positively Smitten Magazine I discovered that today, October 16, is “National Dictionary Day”, I thought I’d take two minutes to totally geek out and share why I’m a proponent of improving your vocabulary every day.

What is National Dictionary Day? It honors Noah Webster, considered the Father of the American Dictionary, and strives to bring awareness to the importance of developing vocabulary. (Fun fact: Webster began writing his dictionary at the age of 43 and it took him 27 years to finish it!)

I admit I’m smitten with this pseudo-holiday. Not only is my town (West Brookfield, Massachusetts) home to Charles Merriam, who is famous for publishing the first Webster’s Dictionary, but I love learning new words, trying to use them in my life, and feeling wicked smart when I recognize them in a sentence. Via

Learning more words and their meaning can be quite a lot of fun, although many people do not seem to realize this. Teachers such as those who teach students who are preparing for IELTS usually make sure that their vocabulary knowledge and skills are impressive. I know one highly competitive IELTS tutor that you can check out on, and you can find him here in this website  I’ll be posting more articles and reading materials here in the coming days, so I hope you keep on visiting my website.

Study Apps for College Students

I have nephews and nieces who are college students, and I know that they use a wide variety of apps. They even introduced to me some fun and gaming apps. There are also those who asked me about the best study apps for them. Fortunately, I have this article here that discusses the study apps for college students. I provided them this article and they thought this is very helpful. They downloaded some of the apps mentioned in this post and told me that they are truly helpful. This is why I realized that it would be great to share it here with you. I’ve always believed that using what technology has to offer in a good way can produce best results. For instance, if students use educational apps instead of those that are designed for games, they would be able to learn well. There are quite a number of apps available nowadays, and it’s amazing how most of them are designed to be easy and fun to use. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

Top 15 Study Apps for College Students | College Choice know. You’re a college student, or soon to be. You’re on a budget but you need study tools to help you get through your courses.

Well some of the best things in life are free, and that includes study apps. While some people might say that your brain is the only study tool you really need, it doesn’t hurt to have some free software to help out. So we’ve put together a list of apps that can help with studies. This list is primarily for Apple iOS apps, though several entries have links for Android, Web, or desktop (Mac OS X, Windows, sometimes Linux). All of them are free, though some might have IAP (in-app purchase) options for advanced features (or sometimes just for getting rid of annoying ads). Occasionally, alternatives are listed, especially when an app is only on iOS. Via

I’ll be posting some more interesting reading materials here in the coming weeks. I’ve recently been conducting a research about the study habits and methods of students. I hope you continue to visit my websites especially this one because I have many articles to show you.

Study Habits College Students Should Adapt

It’s been raining here and I couldn’t help but just stay at home and research. Well, I love researching while having coffee. I came across this article here and I was excited to share it with you. I find this to be very helpful especially to individuals who are not quite confident with their study habits. Building effective study habits can be very helpful as it allows people to stay on the right track and provide some room for improvements especially while preparing for an exam. Since I believe that students need to explore a wide variety of study techniques, I started to make a compilation that contains some study guide just in case someone will be needing them. Those who are taking English proficiency tests can also take advantage of the study habits discussed in this interesting article. Please have a look:

Staying Focused: 6 Study Habits College Students Should Adopt | YouVisit one time or another, almost every college student has wrestled with staying focused. Yet disciplined study habits lay the groundwork for high achievement on exams and assignments, regardless of the field or major. So get ready to give yourself a pep talk using these six study habits every online student should practice.

Make space in your schedule for a regular study time. The frequency of the study sessions should depend on your course load; the more classes you take, the more time you need to study and digest the information. Once you’ve set the time, make sure you have a quiet, uncluttered place where you can get your work done. Via

I’ve always liked organizing the reading materials I collected and sharing them to my students. I want them to explore the wide variety of study techniques that can help them learn and do well academically especially during exams. I take pleasure with idea that my students are also making an effort to improve their performance. I’ll be giving more updates here especially about IELTS Singapore study techniques, I hope you keep on visiting my website.

All-Natural Brain-Boosting Foods You Really Need

I’ve always been interested in healthy foods especially those that enhance brain health and function. I even like going to the grocery stores and spend some time buying fresh fruits and vegetables. This article here talks about the all-natural brain-boosting foods that people should prefer over other items in the grocery store. All of the food items mentioned here are my favorite, and I have been consuming them for the past years. Well, I am not a vegan or vegetarian as I eat meat and poultry products occasionally. However, I prefer to eat plant-based foods during meal time and nuts as a snack. When I came across this article, I became excited to share it with you. I believe that everyone should eat healthy foods and beverages especially students. Students need to nourish themselves physically and mentally by eating foods with the highest nutritional values. I hope you enjoy this post, check it out:

5 All-Natural Brain-Boosting Foods You Really Need | Off The Grid News“You are what you eat” can very well apply to brain power, too, according to the latest research. But how do specific foods boost our memory?

Let’s look into a few foods touted as memory boosters to understand exactly how they work:

1. Whole grains

Our brains are singularly greedy for glucose and insist on using only glucose for their function. Since brain tissue does not store energy within its cells, the brain needs to be supplied with glucose through the blood. And since it doesn’t really rest even when we are asleep, it is in constant need. And what better way to meet this requirement with a steady flow from the complex carbohydrates in the whole grains? Refined flours and sugars, on the other hand, cause highs and lows that are not exactly great for your brain health. Via

Many of the articles I collected are extremely useful for students. They are also helpful to individuals who are preparing for an exam. Please keep yourself updated because I will be posting more articles in the coming days. If you are looking for an excellent tutor, I suggest you visit this website

Online Resources for English Lessons

Knowledge nowadays can easily be obtained. People can learn about many things in just a matter of clicks. There are English language books and there are also reading materials available online.Test takers who want to pass IELTS can also take advantage of the online resources available, check this out:

Conversational English lessons | OTUK – Study English online with British English teachers, there are over 1 billion people studying English as a second language worldwide, but only a small fraction of these learners will ever achieve good spoken fluency. Traditional models in education tend to ignore the importance of conversational English lessons while placing greater emphasis on theory, translation and grammar. In contrast, taking English speaking lessons online with a native English teacher ensures regular one-to-one speech practice, which is key to achieving conversational fluency.

Those seeking to learn conversational English need one thing above all else – regular speech practice with a native English teacher. Unfortunately, local opportunities to interact with native English speakers are often extremely limited or even non-existent. This means that ESL learners are faced with a wall of silence. A common complaint from students who have studied English at school and university is that they know English in theory but not in practice. In other words, they can read, write and translate but cannot speak. This underlines the importance of conversational English lessons. Via

I find this article very entertaining. It is indeed true that many English lessons can easily be found online. This might interest you, have a look:

Learning and Teaching English in the Online Age | upon a time if you wanted to learn a new language, you had to enroll in a foreign language class at school, college or university. But these days, thanks to the burgeoning internet, it has never been easier to learn another language, especially a widely spoken one, like English. The Internet has also been extremely helpful, not just for those that want to learn English, but for those want to learn how to teach it and need to gain a specialist qualification, such as a Master of Arts in teaching English.

For those that want to learn English, a home computer with an internet connection has made learning the language so much easier, thanks to the advent of a number of specialist websites and courses dedicated to teaching internet users new languages over a period of time. These courses vary in price and quality, depending on the level that you want to speak.

Handheld devices, such as a tablet, or even a cell phone are also very useful for teaching and learning English online. The compact sizes and easy to use features mean that you can carry your very own tutor in your pocket! Via

I like exchanging ideas and reading materials. I hope you’ll send me a message if you have something to share.

Uses Of English Textbooks and Ebooks

I recently came across this article, and I saw the compelling need to share this with you. I can recall some of my former students who passed the IELTS test because they used effective study technique especially in making the most out of the reading materials they possessed. Have a look at this article:

How to Benefit the Best of ESL Textbooks |

One of the best things there is about English is that it offers such a variety of terms; there are languages where you need to be very careful with the usage of certain words and expressions because, if they are pronounced differently, they mean different things; other languages have other issues, some with regard to the low number of terms and concepts used which limits the possibility to express what you intend to. This is not the case with English because this language offers a wide variety of terms and expressions, which allow you to express all you need very easily right from the beginning; this leads to other positive consequences as it helps express easier more things in less words. ESL textbooks do provide the students with all this information and even more; all those interested in English as a second language are provided with more information than they expected and that is due to the high need of awareness regarding the advantages featured by English as second or third language. Via

This is another article about the English language books. I find eBooks to be extremely beneficial since they can be utilized using different gadgets such as tablets. Check out this article:

IELTS eBook many students, you may be tired of trying to improve your writing score but not succeeding. You may find it very difficult to write a task 1 and task 2 response in 1 hour or you may feel you don’t always understand the question you are being asked.

Or is it that you want to avoid expensive IELTS classes or that you don’t have the time to spend in a classroom because of work or other commitments?

Or maybe you still don’t know why you are not getting the score that you need?

I’ve been helping hundreds of students to improve their IELTS band scores and now all these techniques and tips are revealed in these new eBooks, both packed full of easy to follow strategies and self-study exercises to improve your score. Via

I’m planning to provide you with more helpful information. Please keep yourself updated, I’ll be posting again within a few days or weeks.

Some Basic English Lessons for Students

The years of my teaching experience has taught me many things, and one is to automatically correct students who make a habit of making English language mistakes. It helps them break the habit and practice correctness when they speak, talk, and write English. Here’s an article I’d like to share with you.

19 Basic English Language Mistakes You Can Easily Correct Today

Although there are numerous complicated rules that you’ll need to master at some point, there are also quite a few common but simple mistakes made by EFL students that are very easily corrected – little things that, once you’re aware of them, you’ll never make the same mistake again. In this article, we make you aware of some of the most common mistakes and give you some examples to help you understand how to correct them. We’ll cover aspects of English including punctuation, pronunciation, grammar and style so that you can immediately start to hone numerous areas of your English skills.

The sentence “it could of been better” is incorrect; it should be “it could have been better”. Many native English speakers and EFL learners alike get confused by this common error, which arises because when “could have” is abbreviated to “could’ve”, it sounds a little bit like “could of” when spoken. The same problem arises as a result of other contractions, such as “should’ve” or “would’ve”. If you’re ever tempted to say or write “could of” or similar, just remember that it’s “have”. Via

I found this fantastic article about grammar and other English lessons. I thought this would be a great addition to students who want to know all the basic information for the English language.

Pronunciation Bites: Pronunciation and Grammar: The regular simple past inflection -ed constitutes a great opportunity for students to become familiar with the concepts of “voiced” and “voiceless”, to feel the vibration of their vocal folds for voiced sounds by placing their hands on their throats, or covering their ears to feel the “buzz”, or sensing the vibration on the top of their heads upon the production of a voiced sound (the contrast /s/ /z/ (the “snake” and the “bee”) is generally a great choice!).

Other teachers “shun” the presentation of voiced/voiceless contrasts by teaching this rule by referring to spellings .

In my humble opinion, why complicate matters further by engaging the memory in endless lists when in fact voice/voicelessness can be “felt”!

A few warnings!

I feel it is my “moral duty” to make a few observations regarding the pronunciation of regular past tense endings and their teaching: 1.

We cannot assume students will know how to pronounce all the infinitive forms of the verbs they encounter, and they may make mistakes. Via

If you have any questions or resources about this topic that you’d like to share with me, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.